For Business

We are delighted to offer Companies and Businesses a chance to take part in this draw. It is a great opportunity to generate good will with your clients and customers.

  • Any business can take part in this draw once they sponsor a fundraising card for €100
  • As a sponsor you can nominate a Club to represent your card. You may also nominate a team within that Club (from juvenile to senior)
  • As a sponsor you can give your card to a Club to fundraise up to €250
  • Your company also can come along on the day with up to 25 friends or staff and they will be part of the Coaching Experience.
  • Free travel for the winning team/club. A bus will be laid on to collect and drop home your team and your staff/friends to a given location.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and evening meal will be included for all plus €2000 worth of sports gear for your chosen Club.
  • All the stars will be free for one to one talks, photo opportunities throughout the day
  • Local radio will be present, and it will give your company an opportunity to promote live on air
  • This is a real chance to have a bonding day with your staff as well as giving your chosen Club a chance to win the draw and supporting ours.      

 Contact Details Eddie 087 2770487